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Community Living Arrangements

The program provides community living arrangements for eligible adults unable to live alone due to physical, mental, or age-related impairments.  The Domiciliary Care Program (Dom Care) was developed to prevent unnecessary institutionalization and has become a quality alternative for individuals who are not able to live independently. The Dom Care program offers care and supervision in a family-type environment.  Individuals receive room, board, personal care assistance, and emotional support.  In return, the Dom Care Home Provider retains a tax-exempt portion of the resident’s monthly income.


Persons 18 years or older who are unable to live independently due to difficulty with meal preparation, housekeeping, grooming, medication management, etc. due to physical, mental, or medical related disabilities and who do not require skilled or intermediate nursing or hospital care on a 24-hour basis.

Make a Referral

Family friends, social service agencies, and hospital staff are common referral sources for the program. Anyone can make a referral by contacting the Domiciliary Care Program at 724-489-8083 or call our Toll Free Hotline at 1-800-411-5655.

Steps to Placement

Step #1: Once a referral is made, a consumer’s eligibility for the program is determined by appropriate staff.

Step #2: After a consumer is determined eligible for placement in the Dom Care Program, careful consideration is given to the selection of the home which best meets the person’s special needs, preferences, and interests.  Often a trial visit to the home will help make the proper choice.

Step #3: After placement occurs, a Care Manager is assigned to follow-up and to provide care management services on a regular basis.

About Certified Dom Care Providers

Dom Care homes accommodating one to three residents are located throughout Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties.  All homes are certified to meet the required fire safety and health standards.

Domiciliary Care Providers come from all walks of life.  Some are widows or older couples.  Some are families with young children, but all have been willing to open their homes to individuals who are not able to live independently.

Dom Care Providers receive a tax-exempt portion of the resident’s monthly income in exchange for room, board, and services.  Dom Care Providers must be 21 years of age and demonstrate that they have the experience and a capacity to accept persons with physical, mental, and age-related impairments.

Become a Certified Dom Care Provider

Southwestern Pennsylvania Area Agency on Aging Domiciliary Care Program is always looking for individuals in the community to open their homes and become certified as Dom Care Providers.

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Area Agency on Aging is responsible for identifying and certifying Dom Care Providers.  Anyone interested in becoming a Dom Care Provider should contact the Agency and speak directly with the Dom Care staff for more information.

Need More Information?

Contact the Domiciliary Care Program at 724-489-8083, ext. 4617 or 1-800-411-5655. To make a referral, visi Information and Assistance Unit

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