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Protective Services for Older Adults

The Protective Services Unit provides resources and support to prevent, detect, reduce, or eliminate self-neglect; neglect by a caregiver; physical, sexual or psychological abuse; financial exploitation – misuse of money, resources or personal property; and/or abandonment.


Protective services are available to those older adults with all of the following characteristics:

  1. Residents of Fayette, Greene, or Washington County
  2. Adults age 60 or older
  3. Those without a responsible caregiver
  4. Those at imminent risk of danger to self or property
  5. Those unable to perform essential tasks or obtain services necessary to maintain physical or mental health

Protective Services

Protective services include the following: 

  • receiving reports of abuse
  • conducting investigations of reported abuse
  • carrying out client assessments and developing service plans
  • arranging for available services needed to correct or eliminate abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment of an older adult

The Area Agency on Aging may offer temporary shelter if the victim is in physical danger or provide other protective services.  These might include medical care, daytime or overnight care, in-home services, home-delivered meals, transportation, counseling, and financial or legal advice, depending upon immediate need. 

Need More Information?

To report a need for protective services, please call 1-800-537-2424.

Southwestern PA Area Agency on Aging, Inc.
Protective Services for Older Adults
305 Chamber Plaza
Charleroi, PA 15022-1607

Tel 724-489-8086
Toll Free Hotline 1-800-537-2424 -- Help is available 24 hours a day.


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