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Health and Wellness Programs

The Health and Wellness Programs seek to promote healthier lifestyles for people aged 60 and older. 

Participation in these programs can lead to a measurable improvement in quality of life and may even reduce overall healthcare costs.

The goals of these programs are to:

  • Abolish the myth that inevitable functional decline comes with age
  • Empower older adults with the information needed to age well
  • Support older adults in making lifestyle changes to improve overall health
  • Reduce the utilization of the healthcare system

There are a variety of evidence-based programs that assist older adults in self-managing:

  • Chronic conditions (diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, etc.)
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Injury and disease prevention

For More Information

For more information about Health and Wellness Programs, please contact our Information and Assistance Unit at 1-800-734-9603 or email