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PA MEDI (Health Insurance Counseling)

The Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight (PA MEDI) Program is a health insurance counseling service that helps Medicare beneficiaries:

  • Understand their insurance benefits, coverage, and statements
  • Compare Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug plans and supplemental policies
  • Submit claims
  • File appeals

The PA MedI Coordinator can also answer questions and assist with completing applications for the Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Elderly (PACE/PACENET) Program.

PA MEDI used to be called APPRISE.


PA MEDI is a free program for Medicare beneficiaries residing in Greene, Fayette, and Washington Counties.


Become an PA MEDI Volunteer

PA MEDI volunteers are a valuable feature of the PA MEDI program. Volunteers receive ongoing specialized training and work with the PA MEDI Coordinator to provide accurate, unbiased health insurance counseling to Medicare beneficiaries. 

For information on how to become a PA MEDI volunteer, please contact the PA MEDI Coordinator at 1-888-300-2704.

For More Information

  • PA MEDI — Call our PA MEDI Coordinator at 1-888-300-2704
  • General Information — Call the Information and Assistance Unit at 1-800-734-9603